How to order as a Licensee:

Ensure that you have authorized us as a vendor in LOOP. You must only authorize Authorizing any other email associated with us will not allow us to enter your order!
Using the price list below, copy and paste into an email to the wine code, the name of the wine, the quantity, and whether you want it delivered to a Fine Wine & Good Spirits store or direct delivered. Please note that for direct delivery we require a minimum of 3 cases.
We will receive your order and enter it in LOOP. Once it has been entered, please approve it as soon as possible so that we can prepare it for shipment.
Please refer to our delivery schedule to see which day of the week we deliver to your region as well as cut-off times for ordering.

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Begali – Veneto

BiancaVigna – Conegliano

Bruno Rocca – Piedmont

Calafe’ – Campania

Castello di Meleto – Tuscany

Castelfeder – Alto Adige

Cecilia – Tuscany

Ciacci Piccolomini – Montalcino

Cocito – Piedmont

Contratto – Piedmont

Cottanera – Sicily

E. Pira – Piedmont

Il Conventino – Montepulciano

La Spinetta Tuscany – Piedmont

Malvira’ – Roero Piedmont

Marchese Luca Spinola – Campania

Massimo Rivetti – Piedmont

Oscar Bosio – Piedmont

Ottoventi – Sicily

Pra – Veneto

Rocco & Rocchina (Private Label)

San Cassiano – Veneto

San Felo – Tuscany

Santa Barbara – Marche

Scacciadiavioli – Umbria

Sighardt Donabaum – Austria

Tassi – Montalcino

Terrabianca – Piedmont

Tenuta di Trecciano – Tuscany

Tenuta Santa Maria – Verona